7 Great Day Trips From Reno, Nevada

When Nevada Tourism offered me the chance to visit several cities near Reno, I jumped at the opportunity. Other than Las Vegas, I was unfamiliar with the state and looked forward to visiting Western Nevada for several days. Each of these cities is in close proximity to Reno yet has diverse topography and cultures —…

The Top 12 Things to Do in La Paz, Mexico

Settled between the Sea of Cortez and the Sierra Laguna mountains on the Baja California peninsula, La Paz, Mexico offers a myriad of recreational activities on land and sea. You can enjoy a day at sea on a guided cruise for fishing or whale watching, then catch the sunset on the malecón (waterfront walkway) before…

No More Misshaped Hats While Traveling When You Wear a Crushable Hat

Have you ever found the perfect hat for a beach or holiday getaway, then realized you’d have to wear the hat during your travels (and who wants to wear or carry a large floppy hat on an airplane?) because the alternative—stuffing it into your luggage—would ruin the hat’s shape? That’s where crushable hats come to…

Damiana Liqueur: Herbal Aphrodisiac or Urban Legend?

Before departing on a recent trip to La Paz, Mexico, I heard about a mythical spirit called damiana liqueur.Always interested in herbal remedies and tinctures, I was eager to taste and learn more about this liqueur made from the damiana plant that grows well in Baja California Sur’s desert climate. It’s said that the damiana…

Discover Virginia by Train on the Northeast Regional

From Prince William County to Hampton, explore a variety of history and food in these five Virginia cities. Amtrak’s Northeast Regional train runs daily from Boston to Washington D.C., and south of D.C. through Virginia. With multiple departures daily, it’s an ideal mode of transportation to visit several Virginia cities along the route. Begin your…

Get Your History on Tap

Many a successful business originated from a passion project. So what happens when you have two passions—that don’t necessarily seem like they go together—like drinking and history? In the case of Liz Garibay, you create History on Tap. Garibay blended her love for the camaraderie of drinking in intimate bar settings with her background in…

The Speakeasy Makes a Comeback | Swordfish Tom’s

The term “speakeasy” is thrown about quite a bit these days. Odd, in a sense, because the meaning of the word represents Prohibition, when speakeasies were secret drinking places, hidden away, offering an illegal chance to partake. So how has the term suddenly become so popular again? The term “speakeasy” is thrown about quite a…

Ride the Cardinal Train to Discover West Virginia by Rail

West Virginia offers up a bounty of such intimacy. There’s the sweet beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, a quiet resilience to its people, and a chance to visit the past while watching its residents move surely to the future.

A Lesson in the History of Antique Barware

I learn so much on my travels. In Alexandria, Virginia, I was fortunate to get a lesson in antique barware and how you can tell what period a piece is from based on what was going on in the world at the time. Here, Victoria Vergason, owner of The Hour, shares some insights. Read the…

A Saturday Morning in Kansas City

Spring is the perfect opportunity to get out and explore Kansas City. Thanks to the KC Streetcar, you can spend a Saturday morning with a trolley ride from Union Station to the City Market, enjoy brunch at The Farmhouse, a farm-to-table restaurant, walk and shop the City Market, then return to Union Station for a…

Want Less Fear, More Joy? Take the Next Step

I stepped off the train into a blizzard. As I stood there trying to figure out where to go, I heard the conductor’s cry of All Aboard!, and knew I would soon be left to fend for myself. Yet fear never entered my consciousness. Instead, fully immersed in the moment and its requirements, I took the next step.

A Lesson in Breeding Mason Bees

It was a vibrant spring morning as Eliza, the owner of Best Kept Secret B&B in Glenwood Springs, CO, brought out containers filled with bamboo canes. Burrowed inside these canes were Mason bees, ready to be released from their cocoons.  Kept in the refrigerator all winter to protect them from predators, and so the bees wouldn’t accidentally get…

Why Would I Go To New Orleans Alone?

A light rain started as I climbed through the window to the balcony of my room at the Hotel Maison de Ville in New Orleans. I felt like a teenager sneaking out after dark for a secret tryst. The air was thick with humidity and the rain broke some of the day’s heat, if only briefly. There was an overhang on the balcony, so I sat outside, feet propped on a table, drinking a café au lait and watching the revelers just one block over on Bourbon Street.

Train Travel: It’s All About The Journey

Life on the train is sleepy; it’s a casual pace that allows for reflection and connection to others. This leisurely pace provides a luxury I rarely enjoy–my biggest choice being whether I lay curled in my seat, gazing out the window, or go to the observation car and meet other travelers. I enjoy both options, but…

Solo Travel: The First Step is the Hardest

“I think I’m going to throw up.” It was 10 o’clock at night and we had just arrived at the train station. The nerves and excitement that got me through the days of planning and packing for this first journey of the USA by rail had turned to dread. My friend pulled into the circle…

9 Spectacular Places to Eat in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is renowned as a food-lovers heaven, with New Mexican cuisine leading as Archangel. The food is spicy, vibrant, flavorful and oh-so-delicious. The quality, whether New Mexican or standard American fare, is outstanding. Could it be the altitude? On my first visit in January, I commented to a friend that the salads tasted alive…

Eating Local In Lake Tahoe

While Lake Tahoe is known for the majestic natural beauty of the lake silhouetted by mountains, it’s also a prime destination for local foods and flavors. Whether you choose to visit North Lake Tahoe or South Lake Tahoe — I recommend both — know that locals say there are different vibes to the two areas….

8 Great Stops To Make While Riding Amtrak’s Southwest Chief

The Southwest Chief runs daily between Chicago and Los Angeles. Rather than riding the whole route at once, consider taking a break at one (or all!) of these great cities along the route. It’s your chance to discover the American West at a leisurely pace. Read Jill’s story at Travel Awaits.

8 Stunning Must-See Waterfalls in Tennessee

Tennessee, and in particular the Highland Rim and Cumberland Plateau, offers some of the most spectacular views in the U.S. The unique topography with its extensive system of rivers and streams makes Tennessee a top waterfall destination. Read Jill’s story at Travel Awaits.

Visiting Kansas City: The Best Things To Do In Or Near Union Station

 Kansas City’s Union Station is a fully restored 1914 landmark — a bustling center for culture, education, and entertainment, and the second largest working train station in the country. With changing exhibitions and theater performances, the halls of this 850,000-square-foot space are filled with locals and tourists alike. Read Jill’s story at Travel Awaits.

Reno/Tahoe Roadtrip: 4-Day Itinerary

Experience the Reno-Tahoe Territory, a vast and diverse region of high desert valleys, majestic tree-lined mountains, and crystal-clear lakes. There’s no other place in the world that can claim the beauty of Lake Tahoe, the action and adventure of the “Biggest Little City in the World,” the rich history of the Comstock Lode, or the…

10 Relaxing Wellness Retreats For Women

Women seek out retreats for many reasons: to create lasting memories, to disconnect from everyday stressors, to reconnect with the parts of themselves that are sometimes forgotten. Retreats are also a chance to immerse ourselves in natural beauty while achieving physical, mental, and spiritual goals. Read Jill’s story at Travel Awaits.

The Best Food In DeKalb County, Georgia

The Southern states are known for barbecue, fried chicken, and sweet tea, and DeKalb County, part of the Atlanta Metro area, puts its own spin on these and other Southern favorites. Plus, with an extremely diverse population along the Buford Highway, you’ll find some of the best authentic ethnic dishes, many with a Southern twist….

Weekend Getaway to Janesville, Wisconsin

If you’re after an active weekend getaway, you’ll be pleased to find an abundance of beautiful parks and recreational areas in the mid-sized city of Janesville, Wisconsin. Janesville, located an hour and 30 minutes southwest of Milwaukee on the Rock River, features rolling hills, a small-town vibe, and the verdant woodlands of scenic south-central Wisconsin….

Finding The Best Tacos In Kansas City, Kansas

The Kansas City area — both the Missouri and Kansas sides — may be known for barbecue, but given the growing Hispanic population on the Kansas side, you’ll find authentic tacos including asada, carnitas, cactus, and tripe, many prepared right in front of you. The restaurants are often located inside markets that sell freshly made tortillas…