Love and Life on the Rail


I took a trip in January and found love in many places. At the time I didn’t realize this was my quest. But what I found on my journey was love expressed in all its forms: A love of travel, nature, adventure, the kindness of strangers, renewal and reflection, love of self and love expressed through growth were all placed in my path. I learned that loving ourselves isn’t just a clichéd ‘it’ topic; it’s a life skill, just like romantic love, that can peak and wane, but must be cultivated to thrive.

My journey to Santa Fe, NM originally started as a much-needed getaway and a chance to explore some travel writing. I decided while I was there to prospect the area for the potential of starting an edition of Evolving Magazine. A man named Devon Jackson responded to my ad for an Associate Publisher, someone to be the local voice and connection with the Santa Fe community. Devon has a strong editorial background as former editor for The Santa Fean. He has lived in Santa Fe for 17 years, understands the philosophy and integrity of the publication and is a dynamo sales person. I’m sure he will thrive in creating a local edition of the magazine. In May we’ll launch the Santa Fe/Taos edition of Evolving Magazine.

Branching into other cities, taking the magazine national, one city at a time, has been a dream of mine for many years. Each year I add it to my list of goals for the year. At the end of each year, the desire unattained, I re-write it as my goal for the coming year. We can plan and reach for our dreams, but until the timing is right, it’s a waiting game. Trying to force it is like walking through mud; instead, when the timing is right, the feeling is more like playing in the rain.

And now the time is right to love so deeply and fully. It’s a time to love locally and throughout the country. As we approach six years of publishing Evolving Magazine, I thank you for loving and supporting this vision, as well.

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