Southern Hospitality

I decided beforehand that I would try not to use the phrase Southern Hospitality in describing my upcoming trip to the South. I have limited experience with Southerners–and have never been to any of the cities I’m visiting–so I planned to go into this trip with an open mind and find out first-hand if it’s myth or fact. And besides, it’s a cliched phrase and I strive to find more descriptive words to tell a story. Or at least try.

What I didn’t expect, planning for this upcoming journey, was to find everyone I spoke with beforehand so, well….(what’s that word?)…hospitable. Everyone I’ve contacted has gone out of their way to help me find lodging, relevant attractions, and interview opportunities. The woman I’m working with in Tuscaloosa, AL, is not only picking me up at the train depot, but showing me around town! Now that’s, um…friendly, welcoming, warm, and generous!

It appears my desire to avoid the phrase will be harder than I thought. I hope so.

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