More women traveling solo, statistics show

I may be alone, but I am never lonely while traveling solo. And it’s apparently a trend, according to this article on More women traveling solo, statistics show. 

I’ve met courageous women, traveling alone, on every trip I’ve taken.

Some are young and new to traveling solo, like the 30-year-old I met on the way from Kansas City to Chicago, via Amtrak. Married with two small children, it was her first time on the train, traveling to a women’s camp in Michigan.

Others are young, yet experienced, solo travelers, like the 30-something-year-old woman I met on the train from New Orleans, LA, to Tuscaloosa, AL. She was on her way to New York for an adventure and shared memories from her solo trips to Japan and Europe.

Many are like me: mature and taking advantage of the strength, wisdom and courage that come with age. And apparently, the ability to become trendy.


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