The Best Egg You’ll Ever Eat

I was on a hunt for the perfect tomato at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, when I instead discovered the perfect egg. Farmer (and very entertaining salesman),Woody Singletary, when asked about his eggs, said, “These are the best eggs you will ever eat.” Ever. Now that’s a sales pitch/challenge worth taking. Especially when they were only $3 for a dozen mixed (brown and white) eggs.

Woody pointing out the type of chicken used to produce Woody’s INCREDIBLE Eggs.

Aptly named, Woody’s INCREDIBLE Farm Fresh Eggs, these eggs from Woody’s free-range chickens were delightful. Woody let me know where each came from: the brown eggs from his Rhode Island Red chickens; and the white from his Leghorn chickens. There’s nothing like buying eggs directly from the farmer–especially a farmer with so much charm, who produces a darn fine egg. Maybe even the best.

Greensboro Farmers' Market


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    They’re probably happy chickens too.

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