Time and Travel (or Time-Travel)

I believe time is a vertical field of possibilities. All of our realities, our experiences, our options, are waiting to be chosen. We can pluck our experiences off the wall, choosing our reality; or, we can let life happen to us. It’s always a choice.

For example, today I pack and prepare for my next train adventure (leaving tomorrow for 10 days split between Flagstaff, AZ and Santa Fe, NM). This is typically a time of flustered activity, nerves about the future, worrying I might forget something–an unconscious time lived by default. But if I choose my reality, I can instead pick an experience of calm, centered focus, excitement about what is to come, and enjoy the process of preparation for departure. Today, I choose peace.

For some reason, seeing it as this climbing wall of options, it helps me to choose and create a moment in time. It’s all out there, we just have to pick the reality we desire.

Your thoughts?



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