Notes from the Train: The Good, the Bad, the Glorious

Trips are rarely all good or all bad; yet, it’s the blending of these moments that creates a journey. Below are a few notes on the good, the glorious, and the not-so-good (seeing a derailed train, dragging luggage through a blizzard) during my trip through Colorado by rail.

March 6: Arrival at Winter Park

Arrived to a blizzard in Winter Park. Not my best or easiest arrival (luggage isn’t easy to drag through several hundred feet of snow across a highway). But I made it. And the lodging is going to clean my room for an early check-in. I walked across the parking lot to eat at The Peak while they get my room ready. I forgot about the time change and the restaurant didn’t open for 20 minutes. So I’m standing outside in the blizzard and the kind owner opened the door and let me inside to wait. The kindness here is much appreciated. I plan to take a shower then stay in and watch it snow from the warmth of my room. Tomorrow is another day to explore.

Waiting out the storm.

March 8: Winter Park, Colorado

I’m taking a much slower pace on this trip than I have before: spending three nights in each place rather than two, passing up opportunities for adventure in exchange for down time and reflection, purposely not booking event after event and then not having time to catalog photos and take notes… At first I felt a little guilty that I passed up on a couple opportunities in Winter Park, but last night while watching the Travel Channel (yeah, I don’t have cable at home, so the first thing I indulge in while traveling is the Travel Channel), Guy Fieri was in Spain and he said something along the lines of, “When we book our travel with event to event, we miss out on meeting the people and experiencing the area.” So I’m taking that as permission to slow down and enjoy this journey.

Enjoying the journey.

March 9: Glenwood Springs

Only one time in my life have I visited a place and instantly said, “I want to live here.” That was McCall, Idaho. Well, now I have a second place to add to the list: Glenwood Springs.

The owner of the b&b where I’m staying tonight picked me up at the train and gave me a tour of town. A walkable town, in the mountains, with the river running through. I’m in heaven.

And will synchronicities never end, the owner teaches yoga and meditation, and has a labyrinth in the back yard!

I’m off to go exploring…

Exploring Glenwood Springs.

March 11: Glenwood Springs

Such a fun day with my friend Paula. She showed me around Glenwood Springs, acted as tour guide explaining the history behind every place, and took me on the highway (oh no) to see Mt. Sopris.

I said, “I don’t want to drive on the highway.”

She says, “No problem,” as she gets on the highway. “Look at that church.”

Me: “Are we almost there?”

Paula: “Yes, just around that corner. See the river?”

Me: “You said just around the corner…”

Paula: “Oh yes, almost there. There’s an authentic (something or other).”

By the time I figured out she was distracting me, we were there. And yes, it was worth the view (and having a patient driver). So there is Mt. Sopris; it looked much closer in person.

Finding Mt. Sopris.

March 15: Traveling from Grand Junction, Colorado to Denver.

Well, that was a little disconcerting. I looked over one of the huge drop offs we’re passing through in the mountains and at the bottom was a whole train. Upside down. I’d heard when I was leaving Winter Park that a train had derailed, but I didn’t know where. It was startling to see; I’m glad we’re almost to Denver and a flatter route.

What are your thoughts on the good, bad, and glorious that appears while traveling?

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