The Sacred Journey: Within and Without, Our Experiences are Self-Defined

The rain and thunder began early in the morning creating an atmosphere both indoors and out–the perfect setting for a lazy day. An unexpected chance to relax. Recoup. Savor in the heavy feeling of the air. I spent the day in a relaxed daze—cooking, sewing, reading. I thought about how if it were bright and sunny I would instead be drawn outside to play. But on this day the rain embraced me and kept me indoors.

I’ve found through the years that our metaphorical sacred journey begins within.  One such pivotal point for me was 1990. I was 27. My father had suddenly passed away. At that time, I was unsure of my beliefs, my path in life, my purpose. I was a mother and knew that was an important part of my journey, but still had a yearning for an even deeper meaning.

After his death, I devoured philosophy and spirituality books trying to find my place on earth. His transition was an impetus for change. This passionate search and the healing modalities I began to explore led me to create Evolving Woman magazine in 1994.

My inner thoughts and feelings, my outlook on life, travel with me wherever I go.

Traveling is like this too. My inner thoughts and feelings, my outlook on life, travel with me wherever I go. The environment, like with a rainy or sunny day, may temper my mood and help to create a path, but my inner journey is consistent regardless of the path or weather.

Whether a journey within or without, each of us will see, experience, and embrace our journey in a personal way that holds meaning for us as individuals; yet, no matter how different our pursuits may appear to be, we share a common yearning for events that push us ever closer to self-actualization—leading to a personalized Sacred Journey.


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  1. Linda says:

    Completely understood,after spending only 24 hours in the hospital in his adult life my father passed when I was 23 during a Heart cath procedure. My journey back to myself started in 1994. Have been writing about my own windows of evolution for a very long time and some days I look back and do not recognize how much has changed or has it?

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    1. jilldutton says:

      Thank you, Linda. I think we all have many incarnations during one lifetime.


      1. Linda says:

        So very true,yet nothing is lost

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  2. Judy Kirkpatrick says:

    Beautifully written, and very moving. I’m saving it for rainy days.

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