A New Year and the Sacredness of Change

A new year begins again. And, as with each cycle of the seasons, it offers a chance for renewal and rebirth. The Winter Solstice, bringing with it the lengthening of days, is often considered the birth of the year. In the midst of the cold and darkness and stillness of winter, the new year breaks through slowly with the return of more light.

Each new year holds the sacredness of this change. I always feel a rebirth of sorts and usually enjoy burrowing-in during the cold winter months, using the quiet and renewal to plan the coming year, reflect on the past, and eagerly await the spring.

Evolving Magazine’s New Year, New You issue (read it below or at EvolvingMagazine.com) focuses on the inner searching of the season. It’s a chance to start anew, and many take on resolutions to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. Whether you’re focusing on eating whole foods, manifesting financial gain, taking on a new project, or simply want to lead a life more in tune with your inner guidance, the articles this month help you to focus and get clear on your goals and motivations for achieving them.

I wish you the most prosperous, joyous New Year — and beyond!


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