My New Favorite Travel Accessory


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I have a new favorite travel accessory. Around Christmas time, I was reading an article on travel pillows when I came across a review of the Tumi Patrol Packable Travel Puffer Jacket. I’m always on the lookout for the ultimate travel accessory, especially if it has multiple uses and saves luggage space.


This gem is a down Tumi jacket that converts into a travel pillow. At the time, the men’s version was on sale. Being thrifty, I opted for a men’s jacket and saved $60.

I bought it for my upcoming trip to Colorado. I knew I’d be visiting some places like Winter Park where I would need a warm jacket for playing outdoors. Other places, like Grand Junction, I wouldn’t need a jacket. But since luggage space is always tight, I was looking forward to converting the jacket into a travel pillow to use on the train–and then attach to my luggage (versus inside it) when not needed.

The jacket fit my needs to a T. It was pure decadence having a down pillow on the train, the jacket was light yet warm, and when I didn’t need it, it snapped onto my luggage. The Tumi Packable Jacket is the perfect multi-function travel accessory for someone who travels light–but needs to stay warm.

Ready for a nap on the train.
Waiting on the train in Fraser (Winter Park), Co.

Next on my wishlist is the Tumi Women’s Voyageur Bethany Backpack


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