Surrender to the Moment

Although I’m a goal-oriented person, I have also found the importance of learning to release the need to control the outcome of situations. Acceptance, and surrendering to a situation has helped me overcome fears and phobias in the process. E.g. I can plan a trip and set it into motion, but I cannot control the details.

The morning I departed for Door County, WI, my driver was very late picking me up for the airport. Like 45 minutes late. Rather than getting into anxiety and fear about missing my flight, I realized that it would be ok either way. Either I would make the flight or I wouldn’t. This freed me up and brought a strange sense of calm.

They were calling my name as I waited in the long security line, but I made it onto the plane five minutes before departure. Stress and anxiety about the situation wouldn’t have done me a lick of good.

Buddha said: This is the secret of existence. Have faith in yourself, in the work, and in the fact that if you keep doing the right things while listening to your own rhythms, you’re doing fine. You don’t have to achieve anything. You don’t have to get anywhere. This moment right here, one breath at a time, is your destination. You’ve arrived.

Playing around in Door County once I arrived.

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