No More Misshaped Hats While Traveling When You Wear a Crushable Hat

Have you ever found the perfect hat for a beach or holiday getaway, then realized you’d have to wear the hat during your travels (and who wants to wear or carry a large floppy hat on an airplane?) because the alternative—stuffing it into your luggage—would ruin the hat’s shape? That’s where crushable hats come to the rescue.

I had a similar dilemma recently. I was invited to visit La Paz, Baja California Sur, for a sport fishing trip. Synchronicity stepped in and I was coincidentally offered to sample a hat from Tenth Street Hats right before I departed. I was thrilled to get a new hat to wear on the beach and on the boat while fishing (we were scheduled to spend nine hours, two days in a row, on a boat—I needed a hat!).

Jill fishing on the Sea of Cortez wearing her Siena crushable hat.

Without thinking about the fact that I would have to carry a large floppy hat with me on the airplane, I ordered the Siena hat, designed by Scalia. I knew this hand-crocheted raffia hat would look great with my curly hair.

They shipped the hat and I received it in time to pack. That’s when the realization occurred that the hat would be out of shape once I scrunched it into my carryon bag. Perhaps I was just lucky, but after doing a search on how to pack a hat for travel (I couldn’t be the first person to face this dilemma, right?) I discovered an even better solution. My hat was a crushable hat—and could be packed!

I folded the hat in half and rolled it up. It took up very little luggage space and when I arrived in La Paz, it unrolled looking as good as new.

Tenth Street Hats offers a variety of women’s crushable hats, just right for carefree travel. I know I’ll never worry about my hat losing its shape while traveling again!

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