Practical Prepping

Rehydrated salsa.

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I remember when people used to comment on Madonna’s ability to reinvent herself. I believe we all have that potential to take inventory, realize the current situation, and realign our goals to meet the new climate. I’m in the midst of that myself.

“Diversify,” they say. “Don’t keep your eggs in one basket.” I thought I had this covered by working in two different fields simultaneously — media and travel. Turns out they both took a heavy hit during the pandemic. So while I wait to see if/when either outlet recovers, I look to what are the current needs: food, security, prepping.

Meals ready for another day.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit obsessed with food. Cooking (creating, really) has always brought me joy. This morning I caught myself singing, “…there’s got to be a morning after” while cracking eggs and mixing flour to make pancakes. I remembered an ex who commented that he always knew when I was in the kitchen because I sing or hum while cooking. I hadn’t realized this until he pointed it out.

Patio garden.

When the stay-at-home orders went into effect, I started “nesting” — starting seeds for a garden, dehydrating food, sourdough fermenting, and other activities that bring me joy. People who know me immediately commented that I should write about this. My “udder mudder” told me I should write about Prepping in Small Spaces. Yesterday, telling my sister Mary another one of my funny anecdotes about lessons I’m learning from dehydrating food, she asked if she could “tell me what to do.” I said yes and she told me I need to share these stories in a cookbook. A practical, yet funny look at preparedness.

I started with the Nesco dehydrator with four trays.

Zucchini in the dehydrator.

So while we’re in a somewhat period of lull right now, I’m moving forward and creating a new website: Well Preserved.  It’s a chance to write about a topic in which I’m passionate. The site is under construction but I look forward to sharing recipes for all methods of preservation (what an apt word for life in general) including dehydrating, fermenting, canning, and freezing. I hope you’ll follow along at

And worked my way up to the Chefman with 9 trays.

Both dehydrators do a great job, but the Chefman is quieter and larger. Either would work, depending on your needs.

dehydrator supplies

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