Lessons I Learned From My First Fly Fishing Experience

The writer and her friend learning to fly fish.

As we wound along the curving roads, ever rising, we were glad we had rented something larger than an economy car. We needed a vehicle that could handle the climb in altitude as we made our way to the Broadmoor Fishing Camp at 8,800 feet. My friend drove as I watched the scenery change outside the window. The green valley of Colorado Springs gave way to boulders that momentarily in passing resembled a man’s stoic profile. The aspens were in mid-splendor, with gradients of moss green at the bottom gently blending into mustard yellow up top.

Read Jill’s story at Travel Awaits.

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  1. Mary Stalnaker says:

    Flick? I think it would be a relaxing spectator sport. Fun to watch in that beautiful area but no need to get wet. Sure sounds like a trip to add to our dream list. Wonderful.

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    1. jilldutton says:

      It was definitely fun to watch too!


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