Center Yourself at a Mindfulness Retreat in Mineral Wells, Texas

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us find ourselves constantly on the go, racing from one task to the next without taking a moment to pause and reflect. This can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, and burnout, leaving us feeling disconnected from ourselves and the world around us.

Practicing mindfulness offers a way to combat these negative emotions and connect with the present moment, promoting feelings of calm, clarity, and inner peace. One effective way to jump-start your mindfulness journey is by attending a wellness retreat for mindfulness.

In Mineral Wells, Texas, a city known for its healing waters, there’s a wellness retreat where participants can soak up the mineral waters, indulge in mindfulness activities, and go home with the tools to cultivate and keep a greater sense of well-being.

The Crazy Wellness Retreat offers four annual retreats, each based on a different theme — whether it’s nutrition, mindfulness, movement, or sleep. The spring retreat that I’ll attend focuses on mindfulness, and even after two decades of publishing a wellness magazine, I had to look up some of the modalities we’ll experience (such as Ubuntu and heart sound recording). I’m truly eager to experience this healing weekend.

Below is the itinerary for the spring event I’ll attend. Follow along, or use it to plan your visit to one of their wellness retreats.


Arrive via Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Drive to Mineral Wells.

Check in at The Crazy Water Hotel where the retreat will be held.


8:00AM | Welcome!  Enjoy your basket with healthy fruit, snacks, and a VIP pass to Coffee Bar!

8:30AM | Mineral Bathhouse Spa Packages


Enjoy a relaxing soak in the mineral waters. Injected with microbubbles they naturally cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize while you hydrate with a bottle of Crazy Water.


They offer several different massage treatments from Swedish to Hot Stone for individuals and couples.

10:30AM | HSR & Omega Testing

NOON  | Lunch by Sadie’s Eats – Hotel Coffee Bar | Sit & Relax

1:30PM | Private Tour:  The Baker Hotel

3:15PM | Return to The Crazy Water Hotel

3:30PM | Review of Movement Retreat in Hotel Conference Room – Dustin Strong, CHN

| “Why Omega 3?  What is a Heart Sound Recording?”

5:00PM | Welcome & Introduction  – Hotel Conference Room

5:15PM | “Mindful Meeting” – Meet & Greet

6:00PM | Stroll to Dinner at The Bistro

7:00PM | “Gratitude, Herbal & Nutritional Choices to Support Cognitive Function” – Dustin Strong

8:00PM | Sound Bathing – Hotel Ballroom

9:00PM | Rest Yourself


8:00AM | Ubuntu on the Hotel Rooftop

8:45AM | Morning Snacks & Discussion – The Crazy Water Hotel Conference Room

 |  ”Mindfulness & Breathing” – Dustin Strong, CHN

9:15AM-11:30AM | Group Discussions | 60-Minutes Each

(1) “The Who, What, Where & Why of The Crazy Wellness Retreats”

(2) “Why Mineral Wells for Health & Wellness and a Texas Travel Destination”

11:30AM | Meet at The Hotel Coffee Bar – Depart  for Clark Gardens Botanical Park

11:45AM | “Let’s Move Mindfully” – Clark Gardens”

12:00PM | Lunch & Learn:  “Mindfulness, Brain Health” – Dr. Jean Lawrence

1:30PM | Clark Garden Mindful Moments |  40-Minutes Each, Guide Led | 3 Experiences:

“Crazy Minds”   | (1) Q&A-Dr. LeMay     (2) Grounding-Dustin     (3) Journaling-Rose

“Crazy Minerals”| (1) Journaling-Rose     (2) Q&A-Dr. LeMay        (3) Grounding-Dustin

“Crazy Hearts”  | (1) Grounding-Dustin  (2) Journaling-Rose       (3) Q&A-Dr. LeMay

4:00PM | Hop, Skip &  Hum to the Bus Area – Depart for Hotel

4:15PM | Refresh Yourself!!

5:15PM | Wine Down – The Crazy Water Hotel Hospitality Suite – 2nd Floor

5:45PM | Stroll to Dinner at The Bistro

6:30PM | Dinner & Speaker – Dr. Jean Lawrence

“Cognitive Support, Fungi, 3 Types of Dementia & Always Something You Can Do!”

7:30PM | Sound Bathing – Hotel Ballroom

8:30PM | Rest Yourself


8:45AM | Ubuntu on the Hotel Rooftop

9:30AM | Take a Break!

9:45AM | Join Us for Coffee & Morning Snacks – The Hospitality Suite, 2nd floor Hotel

  Topic- “The Why Behind the Additions to the Coffees & Mushrooms” – Dustin Strong

10:30AM | Hotel Check Out | Leave luggage at Hotel Desk

11:00AM | Lunch & Learn-  “Digestion Discussion” – Hotel Conference Room – Dustin Strong, CHN

1:00PM | Farewell~

For those wanting more rejuvenating experiences in Mineral Wells, check out 10 Ways to Clear Your Mind and Restore Your Soul in Mineral Wells.

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