About Jill


Evolving Magazine publisher and travel writer, Jill Dutton, caught the train travel bug at a young age when she spent three months in Europe with a Eurail pass. Now, she enjoys traveling–and writing about–the U.S. and Canada by rail.

Freelance Writer

Jill has worked as a freelance writer for more than 20 years. She is the author of, The Joyous Journey: Living Life on Purpose, with Purpose. In January 2015, Jill departed on the first of several trips traveling the United States writing feature articles, blog posts, a syndicated column, and an eventual series of books on train travel. Follow Jill on her travel blog. Check out Jill’s Blissful Life series on Amazon.

Magazine Publisher 

Jill Dutton has created three publications over the past 21 years. She published Evolving Woman magazine from 1994-2000, then started Evolving magazine in 2009 and Eating Well in Kansas City in 2010. Jill launched a Santa Fe, New Mexico edition of Evolving Magazine in May of 2015. View back issues or learn more about starting a local edition of Evolving Magazine.

Jill frequently teaches writing workshops on The Business of Writing and Writing from Within. She is available to speak on either of these topics or about her traveling experiences.

Connect with Jill on Facebook, Twitter  Instagram, and LinkedIn. Like Evolving Magazine and Evolving Magazine/Santa Fe on Facebook. Follow Jill’s Wanderlust adventure on Facebook.


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