About Jill


Travel writer and publisher of Evolving Magazine, Jill Dutton caught the train travel bug when she spent three months in Europe with a Eurail pass. Now, she enjoys traveling–and writing about–the U.S. and Canada by train (and plane).

While traveling, she seeks out what foods are indigenous to an area, the local food scene, outdoor activities, wine & spirits, and wellness modalities. Readers of her blog (USAbyRail.blog) have come to expect an intimate look at authentic experiences.

As a Kansas City expert, Jill’s travel guide, Best of Kansas City, launched number one in its category on Amazon. She has lived in Kansas City her entire life.

Jill’s writing has appeared in Business Jet Traveler, Old Liquors Magazine, Evolving Magazine, Bass Angler Magazine, and online at HuffPost Personal, Matador Network, Travel Awaits, Trip Savvy, and Chilled Magazine. As the U.S. train expert, she created a travel video for The Voyage Report. Unanchor.com published her travel guide, “The Best of Kansas City: 3-Day Itinerary.” Jill is currently writing the first of 12 train travel guides: “Ride the Southwest Chief: 5-Day Itinerary.”

Her personal interests include gardening, kayaking, writing, and cooking. A kayak and paddleboard enthusiast, Jill keeps her Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak in the trunk of her car for, you know, just in case. This summer she has hiked and explored waterfalls in Tennessee, kayaked on the Missouri river with the Kansas City skyline as the backdrop, seen the wildflowers in bloom in Texas, taken a ferry across Lake Michigan to hike Washington Island, WI, attended the Travel Media Showcase in Niagara Falls, NY, and played on the beach in North Carolina.

Connect with Jill on Facebook, Twitter  Instagram, and LinkedIn. Like Evolving Magazine and Evolving Magazine/Santa Fe on Facebook. Follow Jill’s Wanderlust adventure on Facebook.

View Jill’s portfolio and testimonials here.

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