My New Favorite Travel Accessory

I have a new favorite travel accessory. Around Christmas time, I was reading an article on travel pillows when I came across a review of the Tumi Patrol Packable Travel Puffer Jacket. I’m always on the lookout for the ultimate travel accessory, especially if it has multiple uses and saves luggage space.

Travel Guide | The Best of Kansas City: 3-Day Itinerary

What to do in a city that has it all? Make sure you see the best of Kansas City! Kansas City is known for top cuisines (and not just barbecue), a bounty of fountains, craft breweries, major league sports teams, jazz music, trains, cutting-edge theater, and art galleries. This guide takes you on a three-day journey to experience…

When Given a Choice, Take the High Road

When traveling and faced with a difficult situation, my mantra is always, “Take the next step.” When working on projects at my home office, I make lists so I can work backward from the deadline because I know that getting started (taking the next step) is the most important part of any project. Or as…

Ride the Cardinal Train to Discover West Virginia by Rail

West Virginia offers up a bounty of such intimacy. There’s the sweet beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, a quiet resilience to its people, and a chance to visit the past while watching its residents move surely to the future.