The best places to go camping in the South this fall

SUMMER MAY BE OVER, but head to the American South and you’ll find great places to camp deep into the fall months. From Florida to South Carolina, campgrounds have fewer crowds and plenty of space to set up a camp chair, light a campfire, and enjoy the fall season at a different pace than in the summer months….

WildNative Tours (Video)

Captains Mike and Chris with WildNative Tours led a delightful water tour from the Mobile River to Mobile Bay to the Tensaw Delta giving fun and informative talks about the ports, the wildlife, the ecosystem, crab and shrimp fishing, and fun facts like in the video where Captain Chris explains how mobile homes got their…

The best places to go apple picking in the US

THE SEASONAL CHANGE from summer to fall is a sensory event for many of us. After the heaviness of the summer heat, there’s a briskness in the air, a depth of colors, a crunch underfoot — and the anticipation of tasting the autumnal harvest: apples. Read Jill’s entire article on Matador Network.

2018 Travel Schedule

Fredericksburg, TX | April 2-6 Experience the bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, and red poppies with a spring visit to the Texas Hill Country in Fredericksburg! This authentic Texas-German community, just an hour’s drive northwest of San Antonio, is renowned for its upscale boutiques and art galleries, burgeoning wine industry, upscale lodging, lush wildflower landscape, world-class museums,…

A New Year and the Sacredness of Change

A new year begins again. And, as with each cycle of the seasons, it offers a chance for renewal and rebirth. The Winter Solstice, bringing with it the lengthening of days, is often considered the birth of the year. In the midst of the cold and darkness and stillness of winter, the new year breaks…