Scenic Virginia Train Rides

Interview With ‘Bucket List’ Screenwriter Justin Zackham –

First, screenwriter Justin Zackham coined the now-ubiquitous term “bucket list.” Now, he, his wife, and his two boys are traveling the world with the goal of becoming the first family to visit every country in the world. Source: Interview With ‘Bucket List’ Screenwriter Justin Zackham – by Jill Dutton at

Weekend Getaway to Hermann, Missouri

All aboard the Missouri River Runner train to Hermann, Missouri where you’ll discover wineries, German food, shopping, and a unique glamping experience in a tree house. “I need to get away for a few days,” my youngest daughter, Tara, announced. Her statement came at the perfect time as I had just been offered a chance…

Into the Zone

What is “the zone,” or, as some call it, “the flow”? In Wayne Dyer’s book, Real Magic, he termed the phrase, “Getting to Flow.”   The zone, or flow, refers to a point in the creation process when efforts come with ease and spontaneity. It’s that magical moment where an artist or other creative (and…

The best places to go camping in the South this fall

SUMMER MAY BE OVER, but head to the American South and you’ll find great places to camp deep into the fall months. From Florida to South Carolina, campgrounds have fewer crowds and plenty of space to set up a camp chair, light a campfire, and enjoy the fall season at a different pace than in the summer months….

WildNative Tours (Video)

Captains Mike and Chris with WildNative Tours led a delightful water tour from the Mobile River to Mobile Bay to the Tensaw Delta giving fun and informative talks about the ports, the wildlife, the ecosystem, crab and shrimp fishing, and fun facts like in the video where Captain Chris explains how mobile homes got their…