How to Sneak a San Francisco Chef Into Your Kitchen

You can’t visit them (yet) and they can’t come to you but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the creativity, expertise, and delicious cuisine of some of San Francisco’s top chefs in your home while you shelter in place and help flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic.

Practical Prepping

I remember when people used to comment on Madonna’s ability to reinvent herself. I believe we all have that potential to take inventory, realize the current situation, and realign our goals to meet the new climate. I’m in the midst of that myself.

Road Trip: Washington D.C. to Culpeper, Virginia

The natural beauty of Virginia plus the abundance of outdoor activities, craft beverage makers, and historical sites, lends itself as an ideal road trip. Start in D.C., then visit several cities in Northern Virginia before ending your tour in Culpeper, Virginia. Read Jill’s story at Travel Awaits.

Historic New Mexico Road Trip: Santa Fe To Taos

Offering history, culture, religion, and architecture, the high desert between Santa Fe and Taos is a wonderful place for a road trip. Along the High Road from Santa Fe to Taos, you’ll pass through remote mountain villages with Spanish colonial roots, see Pueblo enclaves, visit a chapel that’s thought to hold healing earth, take in…

California Road Trip: San Francisco To Los Angeles

The best kind of road trip features great scenery, and the road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Highway 1 (also known as the Pacific Coast Highway) certainly fits the bill — it boasts fantastic coastal views, wine country, quaint towns, and much more. Read Jill’s story at Travel Awaits.

4 Ways To Experience Basque Culture In Northern Nevada

Step inside a Basque restaurant in Northern Nevada, and it’s as if you’ve stepped back in time, with long community tables pressed so close you can almost sample your neighbor’s dinner. During peak hours, the noise is booming with the sound of jovial conversations, clanking forks, and platters being delivered to tables. The food is…

15 Best Stops On The Cajun Boudin Trail

I first tasted boudin during a visit to see my sister, who lived in Louisiana at the time. There are variations, but at its most basic, boudin is a combination of pork, rice, and seasonings ground together and stuffed into a pork casing that is then steamed to eat on the spot. The classic way…

Best Places To Eat In San Francisco’s Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown is not only the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, but it is the oldest Chinatown in North America. From its busy seafood markets to its medicinal herb shops, San Francisco’s Chinatown offers an up-close glimpse at Chinese-American culture and food. There’s no better place to experience Asian-American culture, sample dim sum, sip…

San Francisco’s Chinatown: 12 Things To Know Before You Go

The first Chinese immigrants arrived in San Francisco in 1848 aboard the USS Eagle. As the population grew — some 30,000 Chinese came to the city in pursuit of riches during the California Gold Rush — many immigrants established businesses in what became known as Chinatown. Located in the historic heart of San Francisco, the approximately…

Bottles For The Frontline

Fredericksburg, Texas Vineyard Launches ‘Bottles for the Frontline’, An Initiative to Donate Bottles of Wine and Messages of Encouragement to Frontline Workers. -Signor Vineyards and their employees are sending personal notes of encouragement and a bottle of wine to family and loved ones who serve as frontline and essential workers. -Signor Vineyards is a boutique…