San Francisco Bay to the Monterey Peninsula by Train – Itinerary

Follow along on a seven-night trip traveling to San Francisco, Sausalito, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel-by-the-Sea with a train ride on the Coast Starlight. Day 1  Arrive at SFO. Take BART to lodging. Check in at Clift Royal Sonesta. The Clift Royal Sonesta is very excited to announce the reopening of their renovated hotel, a…

8 Great Stops To Make While Riding Amtrak’s Southwest Chief

The Southwest Chief runs daily between Chicago and Los Angeles. Rather than riding the whole route at once, consider taking a break at one (or all!) of these great cities along the route. It’s your chance to discover the American West at a leisurely pace. Read Jill’s story at Travel Awaits.

7 Pacific Coast Stops To Make While Riding The Coast Starlight

While riding Amtrak’s Coast Starlight train from Los Angeles to Seattle is spectacular — following the coast for nearly 350 miles, traveling through mountains and rolling hills, including Mount Shasta, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Rainier — it can be an even greater adventure if you plan to stop at some of the…

Ride the Cardinal Train to Discover West Virginia by Rail

West Virginia offers up a bounty of such intimacy. There’s the sweet beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, a quiet resilience to its people, and a chance to visit the past while watching its residents move surely to the future.

Notes from the Train: The Good, the Bad, the Glorious

Trips are rarely all good or all bad; yet, it’s the blending of these moments that creates a journey. Below are a few notes on the good, the glorious, and the not-so-good (seeing a derailed train, dragging luggage through a blizzard) during my trip through Colorado by rail. March 6: Arrival at Winter Park Arrived…

Want Less Fear, More Joy? Take the Next Step

I stepped off the train into a blizzard. As I stood there trying to figure out where to go, I heard the conductor’s cry of All Aboard!, and knew I would soon be left to fend for myself. Yet fear never entered my consciousness. Instead, fully immersed in the moment and its requirements, I took the next step.

An Amazing View on the California Zephyr

The California Zephyr passes through areas of Colorado that are only accessible by rail. Here’s a peek at the view. Read more about Colorado by rail: You Won’t Want to Miss These 4 Great Places to Eat in Winter Park My New Favorite Travel Accessory Want Less Fear, More Joy? Take the Next Step A Lesson in…