The Best Things To Do In Adorable Canon City, Colorado

While the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush brought the first settlers to Canon City, the city has grown since its Wild West origins and is now known for its abundance of wild, natural beauty. This beauty is celebrated with breathtaking views at Royal Gorge, along the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, on scenic drives, and in public parks….

Colorado Fall Road Trip (Itinerary)

Road trips are the travel trend for 2020 so when deciding on our next adventure, fellow travel writer Heide Brandes and I decided to experience the great outdoors of Colorado where we could learn fly fishing and falconry, tour the Royal Gorge Park, and take a train ride on the Royal Gorge Railroad. Day 1:…

Want Less Fear, More Joy? Take the Next Step

I stepped off the train into a blizzard. As I stood there trying to figure out where to go, I heard the conductor’s cry of All Aboard!, and knew I would soon be left to fend for myself. Yet fear never entered my consciousness. Instead, fully immersed in the moment and its requirements, I took the next step.

A Lesson in Breeding Mason Bees

It was a vibrant spring morning as Eliza, the owner of Best Kept Secret B&B in Glenwood Springs, CO, brought out containers filled with bamboo canes. Burrowed inside these canes were Mason bees, ready to be released from their cocoons.  Kept in the refrigerator all winter to protect them from predators, and so the bees wouldn’t accidentally get…

An Amazing View on the California Zephyr

The California Zephyr passes through areas of Colorado that are only accessible by rail. Here’s a peek at the view. Read more about Colorado by rail: You Won’t Want to Miss These 4 Great Places to Eat in Winter Park My New Favorite Travel Accessory Want Less Fear, More Joy? Take the Next Step A Lesson in…