Ride the Cardinal Train to Discover West Virginia by Rail

West Virginia offers up a bounty of such intimacy. There’s the sweet beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, a quiet resilience to its people, and a chance to visit the past while watching its residents move surely to the future.

Hotel Maison de Ville in New Orleans

The Hotel Maison de Ville is located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Built in 1783, the three-story building was at one time home to Tennessee Williams. My room had antique and period furnishings and a full-size canopy bed topped with a voodoo doll.

The Southern Locavore

While the term “eating local” is a buzz phrase these days, I’ve found in my travels that it has different expressions in various areas of the U.S. So during my rail trip south, in each city I’ll take readers step-by-step through a journey of eating local. From a visit to the farmers’ market, a farm-to-table restaurant and interviews with farmers and…

Two Weeks Until Departure

Only two weeks until I depart on the first leg of my rail adventure and plans are coming together well. While I’m still lining up interview opportunities and sight seeing, most of my lodging and locations are set: January 5 I depart via Amtrak from Kansas City, MO to Lamy, NM. I arrive in Lamy on…